Indoor Football Shoes League 5 811 Fluor Indoor LIGA.811.IN

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This model was developed using sturdy materials meaning they can cope with all types of terrain. What you call a tough match, she calls warming up.

Upper made with high quality fibertec and nylon to ease breathability. VTS ventilation system allowing breathability and greater airflow within the shoe. It features PROTECTION technology at the toecap to reinforce its resistance and stability for striking.

Thermally shaped EVA insole that adjusts to the shape of the foot. Midsole manufactured using natural EVA contributing to the shoe's cushioning by absorbing foot strike impact.

High quality, durable phylon midsole, with gel front and rear.

The sole made of high quality rubber with DURABILITY system which provides the sole with greater durability thanks to high-resistance rubber slowing down the wear caused by abrasion, thus extending the useful life of the shoe. The sole also includes the ROTATION system, a geometric structure located on the sole assisting rotatory turns. It prevents injuries mainly to the knee and ankle. Both TURF and INDOOR soles incorporate the PULSOR system to cushion foot strike and encourage momentum.

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