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In sports Scorer we have all kinds of shoes so that you can practice the sport you are most passionate about:running, football, fitness, cycling, trekking and basketball. And if you don't practice any sport, we also have casual shoes for daily use. We have shoes for men, women and children and we have the best brands on the market:Adidas, Asics, Nike, Puma, New Balance, Joma, John Smith, Desigual, JHayber, Sckechers and... many more! Discover all our selection of sneakers and casual. 

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  • Slippers

    Looking for a pair of sneakers? At Scorer we have all types:running , football, basketball, casual,fitness ... We also have the best brands in the sports footwear market such as:Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, New Balance, Saucony, Asics... and many more! Whether it is for a specific sport or if you want a pair of shoes for your daily life, in Scorer you will find what you are looking for and at the best price. Enjoy your favorite sport with Scorer. 

  • Sandals/slippers

    When the good weather comes, you feel like airing your feet. After nine months indoors, it's time to show them off and... What better way to do it than with ansandal orflip-flop? Apart from airing your feet, it's also important to consider the footwear you usually wear at public swimming pools or on the beach. It is important to protect our feet from possible fungus or simply from the burning heat of the sand or the ground. At Scorer we havepool flip-flops andsandals ideal for the summer months that will protect and aerate your feet. We also have quality brands such asIpanema, Nike, New Balance and Adidas . Discover it!

  • Mountain/Trekking

    Thetrekking is an ideal sport for breathing fresh air while enjoying nature. Even so, the trekking requires special equipment as sometimes the paths are usually rocky and sandy. For this reason, it is essential that thefootwear is strong, resistant and with a lot of gripto avoid falls. At Scorer we have mountain footwear for men and women. We also offertrekking boots boots from the best brands on the market:Hi-tec and Chiruca. Take advantage of incredible discounts when you buy at Scorer. 

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