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Practicing the trekking is fashionable because it is a sport where you connect directly with nature. Walking around breathing fresh air is good for your health and at Scorer we love that you do this sport. However, the trekking requires specific equipment. Don't forget to have a good hiking boots, walking sticks, a water canteen and a backpack. At Scorer, you can get all these items at very competitive prices - find out!

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  • Trekking shoes

    If you practice trekking it is very important to select good mountain footwear. This way you will avoid falls and your feet will be well protected. At Scorer we have the best selection of Hi-tec and Chiruca mountain shoes. Take advantage of our offers in trekking shoes. 

  • Trekking accessories

    At Scorer we have trekking accessories so you can practice this sport without difficulties. On the one hand, we offer you mountain socks of the Lurbel brand. These are specific trekking socks that are ideal for the practice of this sport. On the other hand, we have trekking poles and backpacks. Besides belts and canteens, discover everything at Scorer!

  • Trekking clothes

    To go for a walk in the mountains it is important to bring trekking clothes. At Scorer we offer yousweatshirts, jackets and special Trousers fortrekking. Also take advantage of our discounts on trekking clothes, take a look at what Scorer has to offer!

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