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The running is a sport that has more followersevery day. Even so, there are many people who practice it without taking into account many aspects that can be harmful to our health. It is important that if you begin to run you wear an shoe with excellentcushioning, so that you can avoid injuries to your knees and ankles. At Scorer, we offer you running shoes and clothing so that you can enjoy your favorite sport without injury. In addition, we have the best models on the market such as the Nike Pegasus or the Nike Vomero shoes, take a look at everything Scorer has to offer!

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  • Running T-Shirts

    The shirts of running have different ch aracteristics, on the one hand they are usually breathable and quick drying. Thus, they are T-shirts that provide total comfort. On the other hand, many of them have fluorescent colours and reflective elements to provide greater visibility on the road or trail. At Scorer, we have a wide range ofrunningT-shirts with some of these features - discover them all!

  • Running shoes

    Shoes suitable forrunning must have good cushioning, as it is important to look after your knees and ankles to avoid injury. In addition, there are many shoes that are lightweight and breathable. Our top brands areNike, Adidas, Asics and Saucony. Take a look at our shoe selection and benefit from ourdiscounts onrunning shoes

  • Running sweatshirt/jacket

    Sweatshirt/Running Jacket

  • Running Sports bra

    Running Sports bra

  • Running Trousers/Leggins

    trousersrunning must provide maximum comfort For this reason, it is ideal to run withspecial shorts or withtight tights orleggings . It is important, to avoid falls, that the trousers are more or less tight and light. In Scorer we have bothshorts and tight tights, so you can practice runningperfectly. 

  • Running Accessories

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